Blessings and Tragedies


Even in this stump God can bring out beauty.

A tragedy only becomes tragic when we do not give it to Jesus, so He can redeem it.
A blessing does not really bless until it is given to Jesus, so He can multiply it.

Don’t you understand even yet? Don’t you remember the 5,000 I fed with five loaves, and the baskets of leftovers you picked up? Or the 4,000 I fed with seven loaves, and the large baskets of leftovers you picked up? Why can’t you understand that I’m not talking about bread? Matthew 16:9-11 NLT

4 thoughts on “Blessings and Tragedies

  1. Hi Stephen, I started reading your book and couldn’t put it down. One of my nephews is an alcoholic and he isn’t at the point yet of admitting it. He has left his wife and two adorable children in CA and is being inabled by his father to live here in Ohio. Substance abuse is out of control in OH, especially heroin. Thank you for writing this book and for helping those with whom you had contact as their doctor and friend.


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