Books by Stephen Hufman

The Magic Calendar

A frumpy gift calendar from Abby’s grandparents leads to wild adventures when in-between days magically appear. These half days draw Abby and Tommy into lands where the consequences for lying, stealing, and selfishness take unimagined twists. In each adventure getting home requires help from an angel, and learning that it is better to do things God’s way.

“The Magic Calendar” is an allegory similar to “The Chronicles of Narnia.” Each month a different adventure with a unique theme showing the consequences of our choices.

A guide helps explain the allegory, the Bible verse, and offers practical applications.

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The Arrogant Death of Dr. Jones

Dr. Thomas Jones suddenly collapses at the peak of his medical career. Lying unconscious, on a knife’s edge between life and death, his arrogance throws him to a place between heaven and hell. If he tries to approach the light it burns him with shame. But he dare not go the other way, for hidden in the gray shroud is the abyss waiting to consume him in suffocating darkness.

In response to Dr. Jones’ cries for help, heaven sends 
three of his former patients whom the world and he 
had discounted as worthless…

Will he listen to them?

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A Desperate Need A Guide to Treating Addictions and Recapturing Life

Addiction is a plague sweeping across our land to the point no one is beyond its reach. The question looms––what are we to do? Helping the reader understand, the author draws upon years of medical experience and lets you go with him to visit patients caught in addictions. True stories of patients in a battle with addictions, and how God desires to set them free.

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