A Path Through Scorched Earth (Psalm 139)

Trail to Lake Caroline

Trail to Lake Caroline

All my thoughts are gray.
I am lost in despondency.
I cannot move for the weight of my darkness.
O Lord, You search for me, because You care for me.
I make my bed in Sheol.
Behold, You are here with me.
You stoop down to meet me, because You love me.
You come along side me, because of Your great compassion.
You understand how I feel, because You walked these paths.
You cry with me and do not run out of tears.
This gray day has been known by You since I was first made,
Its purpose is not lost, because You are with me.
Your compassion for me will never end; it will never grow old.
You surround me and have laid Your hand upon me.
I scarcely understand.
Though I forsake myself, You will not.
And someday, I will enter Your rest,
Because Your grip is sure and You know the way.

Oh my, I never realized.


The Sleeping Lady silhouette is an iconic feature of the Icicle Canyon. Moments before fog hid the this scene from me. As I started to leave disappointed in the endless gray the clouds parted and I thrilled at the beauty that had been there all along.

I have times when grayness covers my life I am discouraged. It is then I think of this moment and hold onto Jesus trusting he has something marvelous just beyond my vision.

“Awake, O sleeper, rise up from the dead, and Christ will give you light.”  Ephesians 5:14

Sleeping Lady

Sleeping Lady, Icicle Canyon