Books authored by Stephen Hufman

The Magic Calendar

Where will Abby land on the in-between day?

“The Magic Calendar” is an allegory similar to “The Chronicles of Narnia.” Each month a different adventure with a unique theme showing the consequences of our choices.
A guide helps explain the allegory, the Bible verse, and offers practical applications.

“The Arrogant Death of Dr. Jones”

“The Arrogant Death of Dr. Jones” is story of a man caught between Heaven and Hell.

“There must be some mistake!” Dr. Jones screamed when he felt the sudden crush of a heart attack.
At the peak of his medical career, the heart of Dr. Jones teeters on a knife’s edge between life and death. As the medics administer CPR, he finds himself transported to a gray mist. There he is trapped by his arrogance. His skin burns if he tries to approach the glorious light of heaven. But closing in from the shadows is the horrific stench of hell.
Crying for help, heaven sends three of his former patients. People whom he had counted as worthless. They become all that separates Dr. Jones from his arrogant death…
Will he listen?

“A Desperate Need”

True stories of people struggling with addictions

Addiction is a plague sweeping across our country to the point no one is beyond its reach. The question looms––what are we to do? Through the stories of people caught up in addictions the reader will understand the battle that is going on and how to help. Many people are not able to access treatment so the last section offers practical guidelines for beginning an effective home program for recovery and to recapture life as God intended.