The Love of God at the Far Ends of Life

Beauty when life nears the end

Beauty at the end of life

The love of God is not dependent on competence, nor diminished by the wilting of abilities with age. He loves the old on their last day of life. He loves the newborn (and the unborn) on their first day of life. He loves those suffering from mental illness unable to function. He even loves the demon possessed man running naked among the tombs of the dead (Luke 8:26-27). God loves us regardless of our condition or accomplishments.

Sadly, our natural abilities can be a hindrance to receiving God’s love, because success can so easily become the desire of life, pushing aside God. It is at the far ends of life that we set aside dignity and run to the love of God. Allowing him to bath us in forgiveness and hold us in his loving arms.

“For God so loved the world…” (John 3:16). God’s love has no boundaries except the ones we impose by our foolish pride.

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