Habakkuk’s Cry for Help

How long, O LORD? How long must I cry for help?
You do not reply, are You not hearing?
How long, O LORD?  Will You not rescue those in need?
There is only silence, the echo off walls of fearing.

Where is Your justice, O LORD?
Where is Your peace?
The pain only mounts ever higher in triumph,
Will You let hurt win, never to cease?

Sending evil to punish evil is there no end?
Wickedness and lies scourge the land.
Where is Your love?
Where is Your Righteous Right Hand?

The revelation awaits the appointed time.
Though we do not see it, for our eyes are dim
The sure way of love, mystery unfolding,
Not constrained by human whim.

For now let faith be our sight
For the LORD doth reign above
God’s right arm not too weak for the fight
Dies to swallow the wrong, and make us right.

Evil cannot fathom, ever blind to love
Charging headlong, so prideful and wise
With his own spear you pierced his head
Thus he becomes the tool for his own demise.

For now we stand in awe,
And partake of God’s mercy
To the heights He calls
And relying on His strength
Step out to mount the walls.

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